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Alien Prince Fake Fiancé (EPUB)

Alien Prince Fake Fiancé (EPUB)

She should refuse. She should say no. She should walk away.


When Ashlyn’s sister calls with a life-and-death emergency, she races to her sister’s

side, no questions asked.


Turns out the emergency isn’t really about her sister at all. 


The king of Caldor wants Ashlyn, a mere human, to choose between five immortal,

royal alien princes and pretend to be engaged to one of them?!


In what crazy fantasy world does the alien king think that she—and her new fake fiancé—can then fool the most powerful people on the Intergalactic Council into believing they were madly in love, destined to be together, and somehow steal a Council seat right out from under their noses in a dangerous, sadistic political trial designed to end both their lives?


Hundreds of worlds and trillions of lives hang in the balance, including her own, in this epic love story full of passion, dark secrets, and otherworldly beings.


And the only way to make a fake engagement look real with the possessive alpha male warrior she ends up with? One sultry, steamy kiss at a time.


Failure is not an option, and neither is keeping the powerful alien prince who is dangerously close to stealing her heart.



**If you enjoy this book, please consider leaving a review with your favorite retailer! This book can be read as a standalone romance or in the Lumerian Knights® series! Available at all other retailers $4.99

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