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Alien Knight Teddy Bear Troubles (EPUB)

Alien Knight Teddy Bear Troubles (EPUB)

On a dangerous mission to rescue a young royal from a prison cell on an alien warship, Lumerian Knight Taeger Norasair never expects to find a beautiful human woman among the prisoners. Even more puzzling is her refusal to leave. Unwilling to leave Cassie behind, he throws her over his shoulder and makes a dash for freedom. 


He is an ancient. Nearly immortal. Sparks fly and passions rage. Her touch calls to him as no other, healing his wounded soul. She may deny it, but he knows one intense night together will never be enough.  He will do whatever it takes to convince the stubborn woman she wants to be claimed. Forever.


Savage. Alien. Beast. How dare the huge alien warrior scoop her up like a damsel in distress? Cassie has a mission to complete, and she intends to see it through no matter how much she longs to surrender to the sizzling hot alpha male. Well, maybe just once.  She is human, after all. But that is it!!

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