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Join Becca Brayden, the bestselling author of steamy science fiction and paranormal romance novels, on an unforgettable journey through the unknown! Get ready to be captivated by her immersive storytelling and unforgettable characters. Don't miss out!

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Becca Brayden
International best selling author, scifi, alien, romance, paranormal, fantasy, shifter, fiction, author, Becca Brayden


Becca Brayden has been a full time author since 2019. After a recent, and thankfully brief, battle against cancer, Becca once again spends her days writing and her nights dreaming up her next hot adventure. She grew up reading epic fantasy and hard core science fiction, then moved on to romance as a teenager. Discovering a blend of the three set her on the path she walks today as an international best selling author.


As a neurodivergent individual, Becca has learned that challenges in life make for the most interesting stories, so do not be afraid of failure or being different; as long as you keep going, they are steps on the path to greatness.


Her sister, BFF, and mentor, Grace Goodwin, (yes, she really is all three!) inspired her to write her very first book, Alien King Crashes the Wedding, and now they have begun writing a new paranormal dragon shifter series together. Not to worry - there will always be room for more Lumerian Knights®!


Becca loves to travel and has a fondness for Mediterranean cuisine. She has visited many states in the U.S., as well as Mexico, India, New Zealand, and the Caribbean. She hopes to one day visit every continent. Chocolate makes her happy, licorice makes her cringe, and despite the American tradition - she hates pumpkin pie. (More for you!) 


Becca lives with her amazing children and their pets. Much of her free time is spent at the dog park or racing from one school activity to the next.

You can catch her enjoying a cup of hot tea or cocoa here and on


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